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Global warming challenges us to cut down our use of power consumption and in turn decrease the demands  on our electricity power stations.

Friction and restriction are a major cause of ineffficeny

Pumps | Valves | Impellers | Pipework 

Whatever the cause of surface erosion and roughness, the elimination of this problem can be achieved by using specially formulated Unique Polymer Coatings. 

A company called Thistlebond have been at the forefront of liquid flow coatings development for over 30 years. This company pioneered the development of epoxy coatings for use on both oil and gas pipelines. 

Thistlebond have become world leaders in the use of such coatings on:

Pumps | Valves | and Pipelines within the Industrial Manufacturing and Service Industry.
More recently, the company has carried out extensive research into FLOW COATINGS for Pumps and Pipework handling aggressive fluid mixtures. This research has led to the introduction of a new and advanced polymer based coating which combines a high degree of corrosion and chemical resistance with outstanding abrasion resistance and enhanced flow characteristics.


This product has been introduced now under the brand name of UPS210 CR SUPER LOW FRICTION EFFICIENCY COATING, and has already achieved spectacular success as a high performance coating for use on:

Pumps | Valves | Impellers | Pipework 

Where a protective coating with LOW FRICTION SURFACE PROPERTIES offer significant advantages over conventional systems.

If surfaces change, loose thier initial smoothnesss or gather rough deposits that change the flow of the fluid throught the pump or for pipe work that feeds the pump becomes corroded and restricted through accumulated deposits of the pumped product sticking to the pipes interior. The pump becomes inefficient and  operations costs rise. 

Surface roughness can be caused by a number of factors including CORROSION, IMPINGEMENT, CAVITATION and ENTRAINMENT. Furthermore, even an apparently smooth metal surface can be shown to be relatively uneven under a microscope.



We can practically reduce the amount of power that we consume on a daily basis in our plants is by utilising the benefits that UNIQUE POLYMER SYSTEMS EFFICIENCY COATINGS can provide

The passage of liquids through pumps and associated pipework can be severely affected by the nature of the surface involved.

Unique Polymer Systems Ceramic Coatings CAN dramatically IMPROVE your PUMP and SYSTEM performance! and in doing so REDUCE YOUR OVERHEAD costs and INCREASE YOUR PLANT PROFITABILITY!!


Unique Polymer Coatings are designed for a range of agressive environments, corrosive, abrasive, and temperature dependent.


From an identical power input of 166 k-watt, a coated pump, had an efficiency of 85% against 77% for uncoated pump. This level of improvement can be translated into considerable energy savings for the same volume of liquid pumped.


  **Independent testing carried out by the Turbomachinary Process & Energy Centre - National Engineering Laboratory, East Kilbride, Glasgow UK. (Full test report and parameters are readily available upon request)
A two-coat system of UPS TR210CR affords a high degree of protection to steel surfaces, furthermore by combing a new generation of LOW FRICTION POLYMERS, the system providing a smooth low friction surface which improves flow rates and makes a SIGNIFICANT contribution towards your energy savings.

Independent tests
** show that in two separate experiments a pump efficiency improvement of 8% would be achieved when comparing a coated pump against an equivalent uncoated pump.With all the above information the pump is the selected that suits the industry and part of the selection process is based upon the 
BEP (Best Efficiency Point). This is the point on the Pump Curve where the pump operates best. Whilst pump companies allow pump operating if the pump operates OFF the recommended BEP (50% to left | 25% to right) to maintain MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY and therefore MINIMUM k-watt power consumption (minimum financial cost) the pump need to remain as close as possible to the initial design and surface tolerances. If these change (or for instance PIPE work that feeds the pump becomes corroded - changes ID size through restrictions caused by pumped product STICKING against the pipe internal diameter) then the pump becomes inefficient and in doing so COSTS MORE TO OPERATE
  Below is a list of the ADVANCED UNIQUE POLYMER PRODUCTS that can greatly enhance ALL your Fluid Flow Applications


UPS 200 Ceramic Carbide Wearing Compound 
Repairing and Rebuilding eroded or corroded pump impellers, valve and pump bodies, condenser end plates and tank outlets.

UPS 205 Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Carbide Fluid 
Simple resurfacing system ideal for protecting new equipment and repairing pumps, valves, tank surfaces, pipe bends and condenser boxes

UPS 210 CR Super Low Friction Efficiency Coating 
Unique Coating designed to offer a smooth low friction finish to pumps and valves, increasing efficiency and flow rate

UPS 220 High Temperature Ceramic Carbide Compound 
Repairs and Rebuilds damaged equipment and components in a fluid flow environment where high temperature tolerance is essential.

UPS 230 Flexible Engineering Grade Ceramic Carbide Compound 
Polyurethane based Ceramic Carbide paste, ideal for rebuilding equipment and components where severe erosion and cavitation are an ongoing problem

UPS 235 Flexible Fluid Grade Ceramic Carbide Compound 
For use with TR230 on all areas where cavitation attack occurs

UPS 240 Heavy Duty Ceramic Carbide 
Repair Paste ideal for rebuilding and protecting equipment subject to severe abrasion and corrosion.













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