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Paper has and will for the foreseeable future, become an essential material, deeply embedded in every aspect of our everyday lives.  

Historically invented by the Chinese over 2000 years ago it is now a highly mechanized and industrialized process and is one of our major industries.

The word ‘paper’ now coveres a multitude of products and materials, it is hard to imagine a world without paper products.

Nevertheless the majority of today's papermaking still relies nearly exclusively of the use of cellulose or vegetable fibres. These are held together in their natural state by mainly Lignin. When the cellulose fibres are rendered into a pulp with water the pulp is washed the Lignin is dissolved and removed.

The paper and pulp industry has been criticized by envionmental groups, it is an industry with the potential to make a significant environmental impact using chemicals, water and of course celulose derived from trees. 

Unique Polymer Systems LTD can help with engineering solutions that will reduce the impact and maximise the use of resources. Here we quote a few examples that have helped this industry reduce it's costs and make maximum use of machinery, energy and resources.  See also the examples of cost savings from the Nordic Industrial Group. 



Pulp Manufacture



There are two main methods of producing paper pulp;

  1. Mechanical
  2. Chemical


Mechanical pulping is used chiefly for coniferous woods, aiming at high yields rather than pure pulp (used for things like newsprint that is not designed to last). Chemical pulping removes more of the unwanted materials it results in lower yields but a higher quality pulp.

Logs are trimmed, de-barked, ground. A modern paper mill is divided into several sections, roughly corresponding to the processes involved in making handmade paper. Pulp is refined and mixed in water with other additives to make a pulp slurry. The head-box of the paper machine (Fourdrinier machine) distributes the slurry onto a moving continuous screen, water drains from the slurry (by gravity or under vacuum), the wet paper sheet goes through presses and dries, and finally rolls into large rolls. The outcome often weighs several tons.

Another type of paper machine makes use of a cylinder mould that rotates while partially immersed in a vat of dilute pulp. The pulp is picked up by the wire and covers the mould as it rises out of the vat. A couch roller is pressed against the mould to smooth out the pulp, and picks the wet sheet off the mould. 



Unique Polymer Systems LTD materials have aided with the repair of machiney and sufaces that suffer abrasion, chemical attack, constant and intermittant pressure, atmospheric corrosion, tanks, screens, pumps, bearings, infrastructure surfaces, floors & roofs.



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