Application and Use

Application and Use

Engineering Polymers for Plant and Equipment.

Why use our products.

  • Metal Repair
  • Ceramic Repair
  • Elastomer Repair
  • GRP Repair
  • Pipe Repair

Infrastructure Coatings for Buildings and Structures

  • Chemical
  • Corrosion
  • Concrete
  • Internals Walls
  • External Walls
  • Floors
  • Roofing
  • Screeds
  • Marine
  • Special Coatings & Primers

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Why Use Polymers


Why Use Advance Polymer Applications
Polymer Coating and Repair Materials

"Unique Polymer Systems is dedicated to bring both the end user and distribution companies that it works closely with, new and innovative products that fill a hole in the market place with regard to the 'normal' products."

To compliment this “supply” service we also offer in the UK an APPLICATION service that consists of the following advantages to the end user and Distributor Company.
To achieve MAXIMUM life from any polymer coating or repair material certain steps MUST take place.


Don't accept Less from Your Applicator

In the first place you need to choose a company that has an extensive background in polymer engineering as well as a good knowledge of both civil and mechanical engineering disciplines.
It is well know that over 70% of the cost of most polymer type applications is in the cost of SURFACE PREPARATION and APPLICATION of selected product. selected from exacting specifications from a highly qualified manufacturer’s base of world class companies.


"Over 90 % of applications failures in the field can be traced back to poor surface preparation"

Unlike other applicator companies who have agreements with a specific manufacture (even though they may NOT have the best product for the application) – we can offer an impartial selection criteria from many manufacturing companies world wide. If there is a requirement for testing in both laboratory and real life situations we can offer to do this for you.

Access to the best chemical engineers who can assist in making the right choice of product for each application. Make the right choice first time.

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Case Studies

Some samples and application from recent projects highlighting the use of UPS polymers in a variety of industrial situations.

From repairing a torn tyre on an earth mover that was in use 24hours a day with elastomer polymer to waterproofing a leaking tank UPS polymers have facilitated repairs with minimal down time and disruption to service.

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"Polymers are found in every facet of modern life. "Even our hair, skin and nails are comprised of polymers. These materials are used in our foods, to thicken substances like ketchup and to replace meat in various soy spin-offs. They're used in computers, medicine, space and in the US Air Force's new, top secrete Stealth aircraft, It's accurate to say that polymer science is a limitless field."

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Instructions and application advice and safety data.

Case Studies and examples.

Use the support area or follow  links to data sheets and examples of innovative uses of our products.

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