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UPS TAC 881 Polyurethane Thinners Supplied in packs of 5 lt , 25 lt, 200lt

UPS TAC 882 Epoxy Thinner / Cleaner, Supplied in packs of 5 lt, 25lt 200lt

UPS TAC 883 Universal Cleaner / Degreaser, Available in 2 x 1lt, 1 x 5lt

UPS TAC 884 Cleaner / Degreaser for Steel Work Available in 5lt , 200lt

UPS FTPC Urethane Elastomer 60 RG Catalyst 5 ml pack.

UPS TAC 075 Urethane Elastomer Primer Available in packs 100gm , 250gm

UPS TAC 872 Release Agent, Available in 100gm packs

UPS LPS (Large Plastic Spatula) Packs of 10.

UPS PS (Plastic Spreader) Packs of 10.

UPS MB (Mixing Board Work Surface 400mm x 400mm)) , Packs of 10

UPS BR Synthetic Brush 2 inch, Packs of 10

UPS ARB Abrasive Brush 3 inch

UPS 19007 Glass Tape Roll 50mm x 50m

UPS 19009 Glass Tape, 100mm x 50m

UPS 19011 Glass Tape, 150mm x 50m

UPS TBRT4 Reinforcement Tape, Reinforcement Tape 4m x 75mm

UPS 19010 Glass Cloth, Packs of 10 x 1m sq

UPS 1920 Glass Cloth, Packs of 10 0.5m sq


UPS 19031 LINEN SCRIM POA please use the additional notes box to request a quote.

UPS 19042 Fairing Compound Packs of 30 x 50gm

UPS 19043 Sealer & Filler Pack of 30 X 50gm

UPS 19052 Resin Removing Cream, Packs of 10 x 1kg

UPS 19053 Resin Barrier Cream, Pack of 10 x 110ml

UPS WB 855 Granular Aggregate, Single Pack 125gm

UPS LD 092 Black 1.00mm Granular Aggregate Single Pack size 3kg

UPS WD 093 Clear 1.25mm Granular Aggregate Single Packs of 4kg

UPS HD 091 Black 1.5mm Granular Aggregate, Single Packs 4kg

UPS XD 090 Black 2.00mm Granular Aggregate, Single Packs 4kg