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UPS 200 EG Engineering Grade Erosion / Corrosion Repair System All supplied in packs of 4 x 2kg tubs

except the 30kg contractors pack which is available singly.

UPS 205 FG Fluid Grade Erosion / Corrosion Protection System

Supplied in Packs of 4 X 1kg Tubs, Packs of 4 X 3kg, Contractors Pack 27kg, Colours Available - Blue Grey & Brown

UPS 210 CR Smooth Low Friction Protection System

Colours Available - Red Grey Blue, Supplied in Packs of 4 X 1kg , 4X 3kg Tubs and 1 x 30kg Contractors Pack

UPS 220 HTX High Temperature Corrosion Protection System Colours Available - Grey & White

UPS 226 HTA High Acid Resistance at High Temperatures, Supplied in packs of 4 x 1kg , 4 x 3kg

UPS 230 EG Thixotropic Cavitation Resistant System, Available as 4 packs of 1kg

UPS 235 BG, Brush Grade Flexible Urethane Ceramic System , Pack size 4 x 1kg

UPS 240 HG High Abrasion Resistant Protection System, Supplied in Packs of 4 x 1.5kg, 1 x 5 kg , Contractors Pack 1 25 kg