Distribution & Franchising

Unique Polymer Systems LTD Are Growing...


  • We are looking for distributors and energetic people to help us expand our global reach.
  • You will need to be energetic, have a knowledge of the relevant industries and of course a buisness sense and appetite to grow with us. 
  • We already have a presence in many parts of the world but there are always more corners of the world or parts of industry that need the services and products that Uniuqe Polymer Systems LTD can provide.
  • Everyone at Unique Polymer Systems LTD is part of a team, we organise demonstrations, training sessions and of course access to the most advanced Epoxy products. 


'Interested?  Contact us and we will send you more information'


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 'Existing distributors can access the Distributor Support Pages'


Now with an archive of all our publicity and safety data sheets for our products.
Available for you as a registered distributor to download and use.