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New to Unique Polymer Systems.  Westcan Are UPS Distrubutors in Vancouver 


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1580 Kebet Way, Greater Vancouver, BC, V3C 5M5, CANADA

Phone: 604-299-6666 | Toll Free: 1-888-941-5141

Fax: 604-941-1169

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


North America's Industrial Pump Specialists
WESTCAN is committed to providing the highest quality services and products.

“Serving all industries helping their equipment last longer and work more efficiently.”

UPGRADE your fluid flow equipment using Unique Polymer Systems innovative polymer composites.

WESTCAN’s coating application programme can help you to get the best life possible operating life from your fluid flow applications.

Pump Repair


Westcan is Experience. 

Westcan Industries has grown to become one of the leading service providers for pump overhauls, pump parts, pump engineering and performance enhancements.

Westcan is Cost-Effective. 

We are able to provide economical pump parts and services.

Westcan is Expertise. 

Westcan Industries has an extensive database of pumps and component parts of most OEM makes and models that is second to none.

Westcan is Quality. 

Our Quality Assurance program ensures that each and every part we supply or repair is equivalent to the OEM original dimensions and is of the highest quality, delivering the improved performances demanded by our customer’s application.

Westcan is Engineered Pump Technology. 

Through our partnership with the University of British Columbia – Mechanical Engineering, Westcan continues to narrow the gap between research and development and the practical applications of improved pump technology.

Unique Polymer Systems Products 
Reduce the costs of an overhaul.


Unique Polymer Systems Products Increase the operating life of your equipment.

Unique Polymer Systems Products 

Increase your Pump Efficiency.


Unique Polymer Systems Products 

Increase the speed of an overhaul.


Unique Polymer Systems Products 

Reduce the number of replacement parts.


Unique Polymer Systems Products Reduce your manufacturing costs.


Unique Polymer Systems Products 

Reduce spare parts inventory.


Unique Polymer Systems Products 

Reduce unscheduled plant shutdowns.


Unique Polymer Systems Products 

Reduce plant downtime.


Unique Polymer Systems Products 

Increase plant profitability.


Unique Polymer Systems Products Help protect the environment.


“Serving all industries helping their equipment last longer and work more efficiently.”