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Anti Corrosive Tape 1


External pipe erosion / corrosion can be as destructive as inside corrosion and erosion.

At UPS we have developed a simple pipe wrap system that offers long-term protection for outside / inside pipes that are exposed to the elements and that  may include chemical vapours and acid rain attack.

The product is also supported by a simple FILLER type material that can be used to
re-profile really damaged pipes.

Bandages will normally require that the pipe is primed before wrapping to enable the  best life expectancy.


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Novolac Epoxy Based Products




UNIQUE polymer systems have added into their already extensive range a range of products. 


These use NOVOLAC EPOXY as part of their base polymer.


NOVOLAC polymer takes the form of hard material in natural state (rock) and in this form NOVOLAC has very good – excellent high temperature and excellent chemical resistant properties.


However in its natural state cannot be used as a coating material. Therefore dilutents are added to reduce the viscosity – consequently turning the product into a paste grade material.


UNIQUE polymers supply this new polymer in the following new products


to help achieve higher temperature resistance as well as better chemical resistance:


UPS 407 EN


UPS 407 EN Epoxy Coating is a high build solvent free epoxy novolac coating designed to provide outstanding chemical and corrosion protection of steel and concrete structures. The coating is particularly resistant to attack bystrong acids including 98% sulphuric acid.

UPS 403 UCU 75


UPS 403 UCU 75 Epoxy Coating is a high build solvent free epoxy novolac coating designed to provide outstanding chemical and corrosion protection of steel and concrete structures in continuous immersion

conditions up to 90°C.

UPS 403 UCU 75 is particularly resistant to attack by strong acids including 98% sulphuric acid and 36% Hydrochloric acid.

UPS 506 HA


UPS 506 HA Epoxy Novolac Coating is a high performance single component solvent free heat activated epoxy novolac coating. The product has been designed for use on a wide range of metallic surfaces and once cured provides excellent corrosion protection.

For further information on these and all other UNIQUE polymer coating and repair materials please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Once supplied the only way you can reduce the viscosity even more is by adding solvents or heating the products, consequently leading to a  further reduction in temperature and chemical resistant properties.


Therefore technical data supplied on the Tech Data Sheets cannot be solely reliable if the product has been heated or solvent added further.




Training New USA Distributors




Our latest USA distributors (based in both Mobile and New Orleans) have recently undertaken hands on training in the correct application techniques and also how to choose the correct and most appropriate product for a particular application.


Our end users rely upon our distributor to be able to offer the professional application of the engineering polymers range and it is vital that the distributor is able to offer knowledgeable support and peace of mind to all their customers.


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Allied Mobile 2014-03-03 041


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To ensure that all customers who use our products are confident before they buy  that what they are buying is of best quality – we submit all our products to the American Society Of Testing Materials  (ASTM) for testing.pdficon 



Energy Efficiency


Global warming challenges us to cut down our use of power consumption and in turn decrease the demands  on our electricity power stations.


Friction and restriction are a major cause of ineffficeny






See our energy saving pages



Thermal Barrier


New Products.


is a two pack solvent free epoxy coating.


The material is applied by standard airless spray in 2 coats to a WFT of 4mm.


Once cured the material can do the following –


  1. Reduce the surface temperature of the operating pipe or equipment.
  2. Reduce heat loss by 60% on bare steel pipes.


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High Temperature Sealing & Gasketing Putty


New High Temperature Sealing and Gasketing Putty


Heat resistant to +1500 / -40




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UPS 2200 HTP Technical Data Sheet   pdficon




UPS AT5 AT6 AT7 and AT8

UPS AT5 AT6 AT7 and AT8

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