Thermal Barrier Coatings

is a two pack solvent free epoxy coating.


The material is applied by standard airless spray in 2 coats to a WFT of 4mm.

Once cured the material can do the following –

  1. Reduce the surface temperature of the operating pipe or equipment.
  2. Reduce heat loss by 60% on bare steel pipes.


We have had the product independently tested by GEARING SCIENTIFIC in Hertfordshire, UK

To obtain the certified Insulation values.

The testing was to obtain the Lambda value of the material,

Once this was confirmed they then tested a 4mm plate of material to obtain the

Surface temperature of the product when heated from 80C to 180C.


From this report we then commissioned Triangle consulting engineers to calculate, using

Standard industry formulations the heat loss on a steel pipe at various pipe diameters

Compared to bare steel pipe and 50mm rock wool.


jerry 2



can reduce heat loss on bare steel pipe by 60% when applied

At 4mm.


4mm of UPS 555 TB  THERMAL BARRIER is 50% less efficient than 50mm of rockwool.

This product is not a direct replacement to rock wool, however under HSE guidelines if pipes are

Above 55-60C in surface temperature they have to be caged or insulated to protect the work

Force on site.  UPS 555 TB THERMAL BARRIER eradicates the use of caging and insulation

In these circumstances. It eradicates CUI and allows the operator to visually check pipework

That would have been susceptible to CUI.

Furthermore where bare steel pipe is processing hot fluids and chemicals by coating the pipework

The user is ensuring that heat loss is reduced by up to 60%, reducing energy consumption on site

And making processed more efficient.

The material can be applied to cold steel surface and then placed in situ – OR – it can be applied

Onto hot surfaces upto 160-180C surface temp, therefore there is no need to shut down

Operating systems.

The product is applied by standard airless spray equipment, product is mixed and poured into the

Spray pot and then fed through heated line at 50-70C and sprayed onto the surface.


Further information downloads available from UNIQUE POLYMER SYSTEMS.


Technical data Sheet         pdficon


Thermal Barier Notes        pdficon




UPS 2200 HTP Technical Data Sheet   pdficon


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