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UPS 210 CR Efficiency Fluid Ceramic

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UPS 210 CR Efficiency Fluid Ceramic210-CeramicCoating-MED

UPS 210 CR Efficiency Fluid Ceramic is a high performnace solvent free coating desinged for use as a resurfacing and lining system to improve the efficiency in fluid flow environments. UPS 210 CR is cased on a specifcally selected blend of epoxy resin s and non-toxic polyamino curing agents reinforced with carbide and inert flow enhancing pigments which produces a system with optimum physical and mechanical strengths and excellent resistance to erosion and corrosion. 

UPS 210 CR is simple, safe and easy to use and its excellent low friction surface improves flow rates in pumps and pipelines which makes it an ideal choice for the protection of water boxes, tube sheets, pumps, impellers, valves and heat exchangers.

Features & Benefits

  • Combines good application charcteristics with good erosion and corrosion resistance.
  • Designed for application by brush.
  • Provides a low friction surface improving flow rates in pumps etc.,
  • Desinged for resurfacing and lining metal components.

Applications of UPS 210 CR Efficiency Fluid Ceramic

  • Flow efficient coating for; Pumps, Valves,
  • Casings, Tube eng plates, Propellers, Impellers,Assembly Rehabilitation CW Pumps Job 402EP 210CR 205FG 13
  • Condenser Tube Sheet, Separators, 
  • Pipes, Rudders etc.,


 Key Technical Information
Mixing Ratio

3:1 by volume

5:1 by weight

Useable Life (20°C)

40 minutes

Touch Dry

5 hours

Volume Solids


Tensile Shear Adhesion

13.6Mpa (200 psi)

(ASTM D1002)

Maximum Operating Temperatures

120°C (248°F) - Dry

60°C (140°F) - Wet

Assembly Rehabilitation CW Pumps Job 402EP 210CR 205FG 16

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