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UPS 240 HD Heavy Duty Ceramic

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UPS 240 HD Heavy Duty Ceramic240-HighAbrasionSystem-MED

UPS 240 HD Heavy Duty Ceramic is a high performance abrasion resistant ceramic repair compound specfically developed for use where resistance to sliding abrasion is required. It is based on a complex epoxy resins and polyamineo-amid curing system reinforced with carbide and ceramic particles to produce a coating with a high level of adhesion, abrasion and erosion resistance combined with optimum physical and mechanical strength.

In addition, it has excellent adhesion to most metallic surfaces in one easy application and offers outstanding protection to chutes, hoppers, pipe elbows, chippers, valves, pumps and equipment subject to aggressive attack from dry solids and slurries.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for application by trowel or spatula at thicknesses up to 6mm.
  • Provides outstanding resistance to sliding abrasion.
  • Excellent adhesion to crrectly prepared metal surfaces.

Applications of UPS 240 HD Heavy Duty Ceramic

  • Rebuilding of substrates subjcet to heavy abrasion or impact.
  • Such as dredging pumps, chutes, hoippers, etc.,Coal Grinder 240HD 1


 Key Technical Information
Mixing Ratio

3:1 by volume

4:1 by weight

Useable Life (20°C)

60 minutes

Initial Set

3 hours

Volume Solids


Compressive Strength

103.5Mpa (16000 psi)

(ASTM D695)

Maximum Operating Temperatures

120°C (248°F) - Dry

70°C (158°F) - Wet


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