UPS 6655 Transformer Kit Featured

New for 2015 A Transformer Repair Kit. 


Seals leaks and adheres to an oily surface. Reducing preparation time and making an effective repair easy and cost effective.


Transformers are susceptible to corrosion like any other mild steel structure. Transformers house a light grade oil as part of their

process. and where the mild steel corrodes  the surface becomes porous or is prone to hairline cracks. This results in the oil weeping or leaking out from the transformer.


A major issue for the operator and repair company is surface preparation is difficult, normally due to the location but also due to the nature of the transformer and job it performs. Therefore efforts to get standard epoxy repair materials to bond and adhere has not been too successful  due to the oily surface that can be only prepared using  mechanical cleaning with wire brushes or grinding


We have been working with a UK-based electricity company. They have trialled a Unique Polymer material which bonds to oily steel surfaces. 

The product can be used for plate bonding or sealing transformer surfaces where cracks, holes have appeared or where the surface has become porous.

This material is UPS 120 XF  Metal Repair Fluid. It is a fast curing solvent free epoxy fairing compound that can be applied by applicator tool or by brush. The material has a mixing ratio of 1:1 and a usable life of approx 5 mins (20C) and is hard dry at 40C (20C).


For a standard repair we would suggest that the surface of the transformer is cleaned using a wire brush or if possible with a grinding pad to create a key on the surface. The area must be cleaned using UPS TAC 883 Universal Cleaner (or MEK if available) to take as much oil from the surface as possible. However in tests the product has bonded to surfaces saturated in transformer oil.

The material can be used as either an adhesive for plate bonding or as a fairing compound filler to the surface of the transformer.

The product used as stated with  a mixing ratio of 1:1  once mixed, should be applied by applicator tool and pressed onto the surface.
If the user 
requires a more viscous material they can allow the product to cure slightly and it will become thicker and become more of a paste.