UPS 110 FG Fluid Grade Metal

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 UPS 110 FG Fluid Grade Metal



UPS 110 FG Fluid Grade Metal repair is a high performance synthetic metal compound specially developed for resurfacing and reforming damaged metal machinery and equipment.

Feature & Benefits
  • Designed for application by stiff brush or squeegee.
  • Provides outstanding slip resistance in combination with UPS Aggreagates on drive rollers.
  • Primarily designed for resurfacing and recasting metal components.
  • Exhibits excellent adhesion to correctly prepared metal surfaces.

Applications for UPS 110 FG Fluid Grade Metal

  • Battery cases
  • Tank bases
  • Joint & Seams
  • Casing
  • Used when slip resistance is requiredTransformer Repairs 19065RG 2


 Key Technical Information
Mixing Ratio

2:1 by volume

5:1 by weight

Useable Life (20°C)

40 minutes

Hard Dry For Machining

8 hours

Volume Solids


Compressive Strength

63Mpa (9000 psi)

(ASTM D695)

Maximum Operating Temperatures

120°C (248°F) - Dry

70°C (158°F) - Wet

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