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Unique Polymer Systems LTD are now supplying a wide range of Anti-Corrosive tapes to protect critical infrastructure from corrosion and water ingress.


The products are used in many versatile applications in the Oil & Gas industry, Waste Water, Petrochemical and many other industries, both on and offshore.


These Anti-Corrosive tapes provide permanent protection for the life of the asset and only require one application.

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Pipe Problems.


Some pipelines deteriorate slowly, and in certain cases pipeline life has been reliably targeted at 70 years or more.

Other pipelines have been built which have exhausted their useful life after 1 year of operation.


Apart from the quality of the construction, coatings, the factors which affect pipeline life include:


Nature of the product,
Nature of the external environment,
Operating conditions


Quality of maintenance.

Example Problems.


Surface PITTING leading to reduced wall thickness and eventual pipe fracture and product leaks
Surface RUSTING (CORROSION) PITTING leading to reduced wall thickness and eventual pipe fracture and product leaks
Under Lagging Corrosion – often you are unable to identify this until leaks occur. Can be disastrous in some situations.
(It happens when the pipes are covered – protected by lagging systems that hide the condition of the underlying pipe.
Moisture can ingress through the lagging and start interacting with the pipe metallurgy casing more of the above)   
Note usually unidentifiable until leakage occurs causing plant shutdown and loss production


The Solution


UPS AT5 & UPS AT6 Anti-Corrosive Tapes.
These are tough, polyvinyl chloride based tapes with special high tack adhesives formulated to resist corrosion of metal piping systems above and below ground, fittings and joints on all mill coated pipe and electrical conduit systems


Resistant to corrosive salt water, soil acids, alkalis and salts, common chemicals, chemical vapors and exposure to outdoor weathering and sunlight.


UPS TR5 is a highly conformable, all weather 0.254mm (10mil) thick tape designed for application over a wide temperature range.
UPS TR6 provides similar qualities in a thicker, 0.508 (20mil) tape. 

Both tapes have high electric strength and excellent insulating properties.


UPS AT7 Primer is a quick dry, non-sag rubber based primer that permeates metal surface pits and irregularities, preparing the surface for tape application.   Compatible with the special adhesive on the Anti- Corrosive Tapes, it enhances adhesion.


UPS A7 properties


UPS AT8 Insulation Putty.


Use as a build up compound on highly irregular surfaces such as fitting and valves, providing a smooth, waterproof taping surface.




is soft and pliable – simply press putty into place on irregular surfaces, mold with finger pressure and over tape using standard methods.