UPS 19007/9/11 Special Formulation Glass Reinforcement Tapes

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Tape Specifications
 Glass tape is made to DIN 61854•Material of WARP and WEFT is woven from poly-glass yarn to EC 9-34 tex PPG 1383/VetrotexTD22, which will blend with the resin & hardener to provide proper strength and physical properties. 
This glass has a better rating against ageing from contact high UV exposure compare with other 
The tape supplied is woven to a WARP of 20 yards/cm and WEFT 10 x 2 yarns/cm
Weft > 300 N/cm +20%
Yarn number capture : 1, polyester 76 dtex
Surface weight : approx. 140 gm/m2 (+5%)•Thickness : Approx. 0.12mm (+0.02mm)•Weave pattern : 1/1 plain weave
Weave pattern : 1/1 plain weave
Weave tolerance :+- 1mm

Tensile strength : wrap >300 N/cm +20%Maximum Working Temperature(in conjunction with glass tape) 170°C (338°F). The maximum working temperature in conjunction with sealer/filler resin mix is 180°C (356°F).



Physical Properties
Hardener  - Compressive Strength 1019 kg per cm² ADTM D695(14,500 psi)

Flexural Strength  - 956 kg per cm²    ASTM D790(13,600 psi)

Tensile Strength  - 633 kg per cm²    ASTM D4060(900psi)


* Low Pressure Repair35kg/cm²(500psi)

* High Pressure Repair Bandage112kg/cm²(1600psi)

*(See application manual for full details)






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