UPS KRACK 24 / 48 Isolating Bonding Tape

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UPS KRACK 24 / 48 Isolating Bonding Tape

UPS KRACK 24 / 48 Isolating Bonding Tape is produced form a specially formulated high performance rectangular silicone rubber that will form as irreversible bond to provide an isolative barrier that is resistant to moisture, oxygen, ozone and corona over a wide temperature range. The ultimate, multi-purpose repair tape. SImply stretch and wrap to repair water pipes and guttering in the home, insluate cables and connectors in the work place, and repair exhaust pipes and engine hoses in the garage. Non-sticky to the touch which, when overlapped creates a permanent bond, fusing itself.

 Key Technical Information
Operating Temperature Range

-65°C to 260°C

Cold Brittle Point


Hardness Shore A


Tensile Strength Min

700 psi

Enlongation Min


Water Absorption

3% by Weight

Product Documents

  • UPS KRACK 24 / 48 Technical Data Sheet
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