UPS 310 RG '60' Durometer Rapid Cure Elastomer

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UPS 310 RG '60' Durometer Rapid Cure Elastomer

UPS 310 RG '60' Durometer Rapid Cure Elastomer is a high performance fluid grade elastomer which has been specially developed for the repair of rubber components by trowel or putty knife and is suitable for use on impellers, chutes, hoppers, valves, rollers, gaskets, hoses, conveyor belts, off road tyres, etc., UPS 310 RG '60' is based on a complex blend of polyols and polyesters in combination with amine catalysts and activators to produce a cold vulcanizing product with outstanding mechanical strength. The properties of UPS 310 RG '60' have been designed to match factory produced elastomers.

Features & Benefits

  • Desinged for application by trowel or spatula at thicknesses up to 6mm.
  • Probides good cold vulcanizing capabilites.

Applications of UPS 310 RG '60' Durometer Rapdi Grade Elastomer

  • Designed for use to repair conveyor belts, rollers, gaskets, hoses, off road tyres, etc.,
 Key Technical Information
Mixing Ratio

2:1 by volume

2:1 by weight

Useable Life (20°C)

20 minutes

Initial Set

3 hours

Volume Solids


Shore D Hardness


(ASTM D2240)

Maximum Operating Temperatures

80°C (176°F) - Dry

50°C (122°F) - Wet

Product Documents


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