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Infrastructure Coatings for Buildings and Structures


    The Ultimate Protection.


    Unique Polymer Systems provide comprehensive solutions to the most complex chemical and corrosion problems

    Unique Polymer Systems corrosion protection coatings have been developed to protect metal surfaces operating in any industrial environment.  These versatile products are based on the very latest polymer technology and provide a high degree of protection with the minimum number of coat.


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    We have solutions to cover problems in the following categories

    Chemical Solutions    Corrosion Problems   Concrete Repair   Roofing    Internal Walls     External Walls

    Floors    Screeds     Special Coatings    Primers


    Corrosion Protection


    Unique Polymer Systems has an extensive range of corrosion protection coatings that enable corrosion Protection systems providing long term protection to all metal surfaces including:


    • Steel structures and decking

    • Pipe work

    • Tanks

    • Metal roofs

    • Machinery

    • Metal walkways

    • Storage containers

    • Heating and ventilation equipment


    Benefits include

    • Excellent adhesion to all metals

    • Water based and solvent free

    • Simple, safe and easy-to-use

    • Coatings for blast cleaned or manually prepared surfaces

    • Food safe finishes

    • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals

    • Compatible with a wide range of top coats

    • Long term protection



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     Chemical Protection.


    Unique Polymer Systems chemical protection coatings protect equipment and surfaces in industrial environments against aggressive chemical attack.

    They are ideal systems for protection against the ever increasing range of chemicals used in all forms of industrial processes ideal protection for all Areas where chemicals are present.


    The Unique Polymer Systems range of chemical protection systems includes:


    • Bund areas

    • Chemical gullies

    • Tanks

    • Concrete channels

    • Pipe work

    • Metal structures

    • Chemical dykes

    • Effluent treatment plants



    Benefits include

    • Unaffected by most industrial chemicals

    • Water based and solvent free

    • Suitable for permanent immersion

    • Good adhesion to metal or mineral surfaces

    • Seamless linings for any surface

    • High and low temperature application capability

    • Safe, simple and easy-to-use

     Tank & Containment Areas.


    Unique Polymer Systems coatings protect all types of tank and containment areas including:


    • Containment tanks

    • Bunds

    • Potable water tanks

    • Storage tanks

    • Fuel tanks

    • Ballast tanks

    • Gullies

    • Drainage channels


    Benefits include

    • Guaranteed long term protection

    • Excellent resistance to most chemicals

    • Superb anti-corrosion properties

    • Water based and solvent free

    • Good impact and abrasion resistance

    • Simple, safe and easy to use

    • No environmental pollution


    Portugal Fresh Water Tank


    Floor Protection



    Unique Polymer Systems floor protection systems range from high build, abrasion resistant screeds to low build, ceramic enhanced protective coatings, with up to five times the abrasion resistance of other floor coatings. Whatever your flooring problem, Unique Polymer Systems has the answer


    The Unique Polymer Systems  extensive range of floor coatings and screeds which includes protection Systems for all industrial and commercial floors:



    • Concrete

     • Existing coatings

     • Tiles

     • Wood

     • Asphalt

     • Metal

     • Mineral surfaces


    Benefits include


    • Water based and solvent free

    • Outstanding adhesion

    • Excellent abrasion resistance

    • Easy to clean non slip finishes

    • Food safe surfaces

    • Excellent chemical resistance

     • Attractive range of finishes

     • Cost effective high performance protection

     • A choice of systems to suit all needs


     Wall Protection


    Unique Polymer Systems wall protection systems are ideal for all internal and external surfaces. These coatings and renders exceed the increasingly stringent industrial and commercial legislative requirements, especially where hygiene is the major

    Unique Polymers Systems range of internal and external wall protection systems includes High performance protection for all wall surfaces


    • Plastisol sheeting

    • Blockwork and brickwork

    • Concrete

    • Ceramic tiles

    • Plaster

    • Existing coatings

    • Stonework

    • Mineral and metal surfaces


    Benefits include

    • Advanced water based polymer technology

    • Approved for contact with food and drink products

    • Excellent graffiti resistance

    • Hardwearing an impact resistant

    • Unaffected by most industrial chemicals

    • Vapour permeable

    • Waterproof and weatherproof

    Roof Protection



    The Unique Polymer Systems range of liquid applied membranes for all roofs includes:


    • Asphalt

    • Concrete

    • Bitumen

    • Asbestos

    • Mineral felt

    • Plastisol

    • Metal

    • Wood

    • Tiles

    • Glass


    Benefits include

    • Guaranteed long term protection

    • Instant waterproofing capability

    • All year round application

    • Vapour permeable

    • Unaffected by ponding water

    • Tough, durable and flexible protection





    Legislation worldwide is placing even greater emphasis on the internal and external protection of storage tanks as well as the containment areas around these tanks. Unique Polymer Systems has developed a range of materials that can be applied to any mineral or metal surface and provide long term protection against chemical and environmental attack.


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