UPS 11000 Engineering 'A Kit

The contents and an example of the use for this 11000 UPS Engineering Polymer Products Kit.


The Kit Contains. 


TRK19000 20 x 225gr 


1 x 1kilo


 2 x 75g
UPS 19060 2 x 125 gm
UPS 19061 1 x 50,,  x 1.9m
Glass Matt 0.5m sq x 2
Sealer Filler 50gm x 2
Fairing Compound 50g x 1

Masking Tape

Roll x 1
Resin Removing Cream 100gm x 1
Celophane  25mm x 25m x 1
Contour Cloth 250mm x 250mm x 1
Linen Scrim 0.5msq x 2
Glass Cloth 1 m sq x 3
Disposable Gloves Pair x 10
Scissors  Pair x 1
Brush  Brush x 3
Stirring Tool Tool x 3
Trowelling Tool Tool x 1
Tool Box  Box x 1
Detailed Instructions  

Contents may vary




Engineering Kit 'A'