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We pride ourselves in having the most professionally trained sales personnel for any


Unique Polymer Systems Training Progams are the BEST in the INDUSTRY and make sure that our sales people offer the "Right Product for the Application". This ensures a long lasting and most cost effective repair.

It is well known that over 70% of the cost of most polymer type applications is in the cost of SURFACE PREPARATION and APPLICATION of the selected product.

So choosing the right product for the application is CRUCIAL to a Successful Application!


“Over 95% of all application failures in the field can be traced back to poor surface preparation”


It would be fair to say that application failures can, in the majority of cases, be traced back to a failure to carry out the correct steps!

To ensure that you have the right product for your application we train all our sales people to enable them not only to give you the correct product for your application but the most COST EFFECTIVE product!

We carry out training as follows:

  • On Site Training
  • Full facilities available
  • Training at Distributors' Offices / Location

We have access to the best chemists who can assist in making the right choice of product for each application “right first time”

Our Training Courses are for:

  • End-Users
  • Applicators
  • Specifiers
  • Distributor Sales Persons

Training courses take place over a one / two day period. Training can also be tailor made to suit customer's requirements. Timing can be from half a day to the full two day school.


Our Training Courses offer:

  • Orientation
  • Market Awareness (Industrial/Marine)
  • General Applications
    (Sectors Plant & Equipment – Buildings & Structures)
  • Focused Applications
    (Most Popular Uses of Polymers)
  • Selecting the RIGHT product for the End Users' Application - Full Product Training
    (What Polymers Are – What Polymers Do – Where Polymers Do It – How You Can Do It Successfully)
  • Application Techniques and Training (Including Trouble Shooting)
  • Sales & Territory Planning Skills


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